Sears Fridge Saga- Persistence Wins

45 Days from the time that my two year old refrigerator broke I finally get some satisfaction with an e-mail telling me I have a $2,600 credit to go buy an new refrigerator. Persistence and constant elevation of who I was speaking with at Sears paid off, but not without my having to make 67 phone calls, two social media posts, stay home three days for three techs to visit and not only not fix the original problem, but create an additional problem.

The protection service reps tried to offer me a mini fridge, a rental of a bigger fridge, then paying for a third party service provider who I would have to find, schedule and pay for and then submit my receipts for reimbursement. I refused all these ridiculous offers. When I paid for a master protection plan that promised “no hassles” and “no out of pocket money” I was going to make them stick to it. No one disagreed that what I had endured was a hassle.

Here is how I got a new refrigerator. When the third tech broke the freezer two days ago and I called back to tell Sears and ask when a new tech would come I was told JULY 20. That was so outrageous that I asked for a supervisor. She offered me all the same mini fridges, etc. I told her no way. She said that was all she could do, but it wasn’t. I told her they should replace my Refrigerator because it would be faster. She said, “now that you have asked for that I think I can do it. I will put a request in for approval. You will hear in 48 hours.”

32 hours later I got an email approving me to get a new $2,600 refrigerator, but I can’t get cash back if I get a cheaper one. I drove right to Sears and a very nice man helped me and gave me the good news that the delivery, haul away and tax were all paid for on top of the $2,600. Also my master protection plan transferred to my new fridge.

I picked one out and supposedly it will come Monday. Amazingly I somehow got $3 cash back which the associate says happens sometimes even though the machine I picked out cost $2,599,99. I guess that was for my pain and suffering.

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