Pears are Out –Peaches are In Daily Salad



Most days I am home for lunch I eat a salad for lunch. I have a standard favorite of arugula, chicken, caramelized pears and blue cheese. Since it is not pear season and peaches are cheep and abundant I decided to see what caramelized peaches would be like. In a word, YUMMY.


I took two peaches and cut them down the middle and pulled the pit out. Then I sliced them into ¼ inch slices with the skin on. I lay them on a foil covered cookie sheet sprayed with pam. I put them in a 250-degree oven for 30 mins. I could have left them in a little longer to dry them out a little more, but I was ready for lunch so I ate them and thought that they were a great addition to my lunch. Balsamic vinegar goes perfectly with peaches so I had just the right amount of sweet and tart in the salad. I also added a couple of cashews for crunch and now I have a new craving.

One Comment on “Pears are Out –Peaches are In Daily Salad”

  1. Mary Few says:

    I made this for multiple people for a late summer night dinner. After the initial shock that I actually made it and didn’t get a caterer everyone loved it!! Beautiful and delicious! Looks like it was harder than it was!

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