My Skinny Model Dog



Shay Shay went to get groomed today.  Her curly bushy hair had gotten a little matted while we were on vacation.  I knew that a good hair cut was the only way to deal with the tangled mess that continued to grow like the weeds in my garden fed from all the rain.


The groomer met us in the waiting room and looked at me with concern about what I was going to request.  I really like Shay to be the cute brown bear that she is naturally, but I knew that was going to be impossible.  “Do what ever you need to do to get rid of the mats, “ I said.  “Its just hair and it grows like crazy so it will come back.”


I kissed and hugged my sweet shivering girl goodbye.  She was none too happy about being left there.  I was standing in the grocery store at 4:45 when I realized I was supposed to pick my puppy up fifteen minutes before.  I left my cart in the aisle and went running back to the car.  When the groomer brought Shay out to me my dog gave me the look of a mad child who was the last one picked up from pre-school.  Both anger and sadness were in her eyes.


I looked down at my baby.  Where did she go?  Standing before me was the skinniest dog whose legs looked more like a French teen-age super model than the fluffy labradoodle I left there this morning.  Her thigh gap would be the envy of any diet-obsessed girl.


I gave her a hug and laughed as I told her what a cute girl she was.  I could see from the look on her face she did not believe me.  “You did this to me” was the attitude she projected.


We got home and she drank two bowls full of water.  She refused to eat.  I think the skinny model look has affected her appetite.  To make matters worse now she is pouting in that super model way, refusing to smile instead adopting a runway scowl.  I am doing everything possible to win back her trust and love.  I am keeping the bathroom doors closed because they have mirrors that go to the floor.  I think if she does not see what I did to her she might forget and come back to her normal loving, bubbly high jumping self.  For now I am just happy that she did not discover smoking cigarettes like the other model dog to keep skinny.

One Comment on “My Skinny Model Dog”

  1. Carol Shepard says:

    Duchess feels her pain…

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